We are an, independent company based in Aberdeenshire and available to assist uk wide in all areas of your transport and logistics business. Our professional staff have a combined experience of over 100 years in transport and logistics management in the private and public sectors with expertise in the following..Budget management, Contract management, People management, Fleet maintenance , Warehouse operations, Process mapping, Compliance auditing, Optimisation software and Project management.
Through our networks we can offer: 
• Legal services • Human Resource management • Health and Safety advice and management • Financial advice • Marketing strategy • Training • Tyre provider services • Vehicle maintenance
Derek Mitchell the Managing Director along with Norman Keddie, operations director, Gary Hughes Fleet Maintenance Manager and Paul Reid Compliance Manager have combined forces to create a sister company Caledonian Transport & Logistics Consultancy Ltd to offer prospective clients their vast years of knowledge and experience on Compliance, logistics, maintenance, procurement & investigations, internal audits and cost saving measures along with partnership working.  This new business and has proved very popular from the start. Already attracting work from other established operators across Scotland and the North of England. This service will be offered UK wide to companies, Local authorities and other public service companies.

Operator licence compliance

We as a company specialise in ensuring our clients have the tools and knowledge to operate in a legal and compliant manner. We empower and train your staff in best practice regarding compliance and managing your fleet maintenance
Compliance vs Cost
Compliance does not have to come at a cost.
Most common quotes we usually hear are:-
 “but we have always done it like that”
” We get them from Jim’s pal”
” Its easier this way”
   ” it will be alright, never had a problem before”
” we have used them for years”
“I’m too busy to deal with that”
Reviewing who you use, why you use them, what you get from them and what others charge, is often the best way of cutting costs and sometimes improving compliance. We find regularly that others can offer a better service at a more competitive price, or indeed agree a committed reduced price and improved quality from your current service providers/suppliers. 
Too many people get stuck in a rut and just keep using the same people without having annual account review meetings and contract negotiations.
We offer help and advice with the above issues along with our compliance audits, we also have contacts and pricing structures in place with some of the country’s leading providers of Tyre supply, service provision, legal services, HR advice, Telematics and many more.

Here to Help, let us start you on that journey to improve your compliance and streamline what you do.

  • Paul Reid                (Director)                 07929464938
  • Gary Hughes         (Director)                 07887835657
  • Norman Keddie    (Director)                 07725783472
  • Derek Mitchell      (Director)                 07803943924

Email: Consultancy@cll.uk.com