Our Services


Cost-effective distribution from consolidation of loads using our distribution modelling system.

Same Day Services

Prioritising delivery for same day orders ensures you meet your targets and your deadlines.

Domestic & EU

Faster delivery from seamless order processing expedites your orders across all EU states.

Flexible integration

State of the art platforms integrate with your systems by EDI and FTP for ultimate load tracking.

Flexibility through integration

Joined-up systems and approaches create a seamless supply chain experience that removes uncertainty and worry from the distribution process. By integrating with customer systems at key moments, our platforms provide visibility and reassurance about load status, and faster distribution at lower cost.

This integration gives us the flexibility to build systems that meet your needs, tailoring our distribution services to your precise requirements. Our aim is to fully understand your business, so that our business can be shaped to add maximum value to yours across every aspect of our operations.

To contact us with a query regarding our same day and hotshot service please call
01224 723 905 or email sameday@cll.uk.com